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Lawn Mowing is perhaps one of the most important aspects of lawn care. Proper mowing will keep your lawn healthy and green. When you mow, you are actually clipping off the growing point of the grasses. This is the part where new leaves develop. When this happen, the grasses will branch out and fight for every available space to grow. This will eventually lead to a dense, tightly woven turf. Lawn Mowing is a lawn care process that takes proper knowledge to accomplish. It is not just about cutting off the extra height of the grass…

Nice N’ Green offers multiple Lawn Care Blaine packages to fit your needs accompanied with a high-quality expedience that will guarantee your satisfaction. We have few simple of lawn care practices; we should be able to greatly improve all lawns as they navigate their way through the warmest months of the year:

  • Best Practice Lawn Watering: Watering is of course the most important aspect of turf health in summer. Correct lawn watering practices will enable a lawn to send down roots much deeper into the soil profile, past the evaporation level of the very top of the soil, which as a result will make our turf more heat and drought tolerant. We can slowly train our turf to create a deep root system by only ever watering the lawn once it’s showing signs of leaf wilt, and then giving the lawn a deep drink of water at that time. This is an easy method to grow a deep root system for all turf.
  • Fertilize Lawns In The Spring: A home lawn which is healthy before summer arrives is a far better solution to achieve a healthy summer lawn, than if we were to wait until summer arrives and then trying to create a healthy lawn. The same is true of winter lawn care.

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