About Us


Nice N Green has been providing lawn care services since 2012. We have provided services to all types of properties from single family homes to larger commercial properties. We now want to focus our attention to delivering a commercial lawn care service to your home. Our dedicated technicians live in your local area and can be your friend, relative or neighbor. We not only want to provide a better experience for our clients, but also our technicians, by giving them a opportunity to work for their community and be able to provide for their families.


How is Nice N Green Different?

Our goal is to provide our clients with a lawn care professional, not a lawn care crew. We believe in hiring knowledgeable and friendly staff and delivering a service that is above and beyond. When you have Nice N Green for your lawn maintenance, a lawn care technician in your area will be assigned to your property. Your technician will be the main person providing you with all your lawn care needs, so she or he will know your property and will be able to discuss issues and provide you with a remedy or a recommendation.


How does billing work?

We only charge you for the days and time that we do work for you. Each time we service your property our technicians will record the time they have spent working on your property. Once the work is completed you will receive an email from us letting you know what we have done at that visit and an invoice will be generated for that visit. The following Monday your card on file will be charged for the service or services provided the previous week.

Whats the cost?

Before we start services for you, you will receive a price range for each of our services. On the quote you will be able to choose if you want us to spend time on various yard maintenance task while we are on site during our weekly maintenance.


How do I get a free estimate?

The first step to getting a Nice N Green lawn care technician is by contacting using one of the methods below;

  1. Call us at 651 - 560 - 5296
  2. Use our online form here
  3. Use the chat box on the bottom right
  4. Send us an email at office@nicengreen.com

Once we receive a request for service, we will attempt to contact you, visit your property to take measurements and take notes, then we will provide you with an estimate. Your estimate will show the price range for the services you are requesting.