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Andover, with a population near 30,000, was not always as large of a city. It began in 1857 as Round Lake Township, growing steadily throughout the years, mainly due to its close proximity to the Great Northern Railway.

Related to the closeness of the railroad, there is a popular myth as to how Andover arrived at its name. The myth states that a train tipped over in a swampy area, and an eyewitness related the train tipped “over and over and over” – resulting in the city name of Andover. However, that tale is just that – a tall tale. The true origins of Andover’s name are unknown.

Today the city of Andover strives to be a safe growing community with quiet neighborhoods and stellar environmental stewardship. With more than 400 acres of community and neighborhood parks, Andover provides plenty of natural area for outdoor activities. In addition to its plethora of public outdoor space, residential homes also sport well-cared-for lawns and recreational areas.

Nice N’ Green services the city of Andover and helps to keep its environmental stewardship up to par. Spring, summer, fall, or winter – Nice N’ Green is available to aid in yard management and upkeep.

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Andover Lawn Care Services

Spring Clean Up     Lawn Mowing     Fertilizing     Weed Control

Aerating & Dethatching     Fall Clean Up     Snow & Ice Service

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