Anoka Lawn Care and Snow Removal Services

The city Anoka, Minnesota, has a rich cultural background mostly derived from Native American heritage. It sits between two rivers, the Rum and the Mississippi, which led to its original foundation as a trading post. The word “Anoka” was developed from two Native American words – “a-no-ka-tan-han” and “on-o-kay” – and means “on both sides of the river” and “working waters.”

While the city was settled by a single man, Joseph Belanger, it is now home to more than 17,000 people. And those 17,000 people are proud to present Anoka as the “Halloween Capital of the World.” In the fall, the weather is crisp and filled with falling leaves and beautiful autumnal hues. And in the winter, summer, and spring the city is equally as beautiful. Residents work to upkeep their yards and the surrounding landscape to present a well-kept city to visitors and residents alike.

Fortunately, Nice N’ Green offers a multitude of lawn care services to help keep Anoka beautiful. Choose from help with fertilizing and spring clean up during the spring, and lawn mowing and weed control in the summer. Round off the seasons with aerating and dethatching, fall clean up, and snow and ice services.

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Anoka Lawn Care Services

Spring Clean Up     Lawn Mowing     Fertilizing     Weed Control

Aerating & Dethatching     Fall Clean Up     Snow & Ice Service

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