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Just a short distance from the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, Blaine, Minnesota, has grown exponentially over the years. Its biggest growth spurt was from 1950 to 1970 when the population went from less than 2,000 to more than 20,000, respectively.

Nowadays Blaine sits at a population of about 64,000 and attracts those who wish to be near the big cities but still want a taste of the rural lifestyle. Some corporate residents have made their way to Blaine as well, mixing the rural areas with a touch of business and sports. The city itself is home to more than 60 parks and 140 miles of trails along with a Tournament Players Club golf course, which hosts the 3M Championship of the PGA Champions Tour each year!

Home to sandy soils and abundant wetlands, Blaine works to maintain a standard of excellence in greenery. Even though it is difficult to manage lawns with the soil composition, the citizens of Blaine manage to keep up with yard maintenance. Fortunately, Nice N’ Green is nearby and available to help homeowners and private residences create and maintain beautiful landscapes and lawns. An outdoor maintenance company, Nice N’ Green helps the residents of Blaine keep their yards up to snuff.

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Blaine Lawn Care Services

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