Guidelines for better Irrigation Start Up Coon Rapids

Nice N’ Green provides irrigation startups and blowouts to keep your sprinkler system running at peak performance and keep pipes and sprinkler heads from cracking. We can also install a custom irrigation system for your lawn. A proper sprinkler system will keep all living landscapes healthy and keep their brightest colors showing all season long. Below are a few tips to make sure your Irrigation Startup Coon Rapids are giving you the best performance. These tips will help you save water, save money, and have a beautiful landscape:

1. Make sure all your valves are off: If you drained your system before winter, many of these valves would still be open. You can quickly do this as you make your visual inspection.

2. Clean your filters: This is important to the success of an irrigation startup. You can clean your filters by removing them from the filter body and wiping off any sediment. Clients should also swish the filter in a small container of water to remove any debris that remains.

3. Be sure to check with your water agency to see if any water restrictions are in place and adjust your controller accordingly.

Start the season off right by performing these activities. These are not the only activities you will need to complete to ensure proper watering all through the season, but they are a good start. To learn more about ways to be a better water manager, check out this article and my website:

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