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Annual Service Package

And Get Fertilizing For Free!


When you sign up for the Nice N Green Annual Service Package, you will receive our fertilizing  treatments free for 1 year! Our annual service package will keep you covered year round from, the coldest days in winter to the hottest days in the summer.

During the month of April is a time to get your lawn ready for its growing season. So we get your lawn prepped by blowing out leaves from around the home, out of rock and mulch beds, and maw & dethatch your lawn.

After the spring clean up we start weekly mowing the first week of May. Each visit that we service your lawn we will mow, edge, trim, and blow. When we mow we always stripe the lawn and change directions each week so that your lawn grows healthier and the blades are not always being pushed in one direction.

Once lawn mowing has finished we get ready to remove leaves from properties. We schedule to service your property twice each year. The first clean up is scheduled in October which gives your lawn a final cut and removes any early fallen leaves. The second clean up is scheduled early November, and by this time most leaves have fallen from the trees and we get the remaining leave removed from your lawn.

After the leaves have fallen the temperatures drop and bring in the snow. We will come out to your home every 1 1/2" or greater snow fall and plow your driveway and shovel the sidewalks to your front doors. We send out emails with each snow storm with the recorded depth of snow and letting your know if the plowing trigger has been reached. Also when it rains in the winter roadways and walks ways get very slippery, so we will send you an email on those occasions as well as a reminder and if  you would like to order a salting.

Currently through the end of March we are running a promotion for FREE Fertilizing Treatments for one season when you sign up with the Nice N' Green Annual Service Package. Contact us today for more information and for a free estimate on the Annual Service Package for your property!

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