Lawn Mowing

From the first week of May through the last week of September we provide weekly lawn maintenance. A lawn maintenance visits will include Lawn Mowing, lawn edging, trimming, and blowing debris from hard surfaces back into lawn. We schedule your lawn care visit for the same day of each week and will arrive at approximately the same time each week.


Using fertilizer on your lawn will keep your lawn healthy and green all summer long. Combine the right amount of fertilizer at the right time is crucial to keeping your lawn nice. We apply fertilizer 4 times per year.

Weed Control

Keeping weeds out of your lawn will allow your grass to grow thick.

Spring Clean Up

Fall clean Up



Snow Blowing

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Anoka Lawn Care Services

Spring Clean Up     Lawn Mowing     Fertilizing     Weed Control

Aerating & Dethatching     Fall Clean Up     Snow & Ice Service

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During the spring we provide spring clean up which includes lawn dethatch and first mowing of the season. We can also add on bush trimming, garden bed clean up, and small tree trimming,
During the summer months we mow your lawn weekly. To ensure a proper cut, we sharpen our blands and clean our decks daily.
During the fall we will blow all the leaves from around your home, garage, garden beds, and yard and dispose of them.
During the winter months we provide snow plowing with unlimited visits at a 1.5" trigger. Each visit includes clearing walk way to front door. We can also salt each visit and clear decks as well.

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