Ramsey, Minnesota, began – as a lot of river cities do – as a trading stop along the banks of the Mississippi River. A steamboat dubbed “The Governor Ramsey” brought the city’s first settlers along with the location’s namesake, the first territorial governor.

In spite of its humble beginnings – or perhaps because of -- Ramsey now thrives as a city with rural character and charm. Some of the original buildings still stand, mixed in with quaint farmhouses and picturesque single-family homes. The population lands somewhere near 28,000, which allows for rich community relationships.

Ramsey is home to two regional parks, three city parks, and many connecting trails. The people of Ramsey take pride in living in a beautiful city that harbors a beautiful landscape. Efforts are made to maintain the network of trails for visitors and denizens. There are also two championship public golf courses that must be upkept and taken care of well.

Despite not having a humongous population, Ramsey offers hundreds of small businesses. Nice N’ Green is a prime example of a business that thrives in the riverside city. Nice N’ Green offers quality lawn care services to the city’s occupants at an affordable price. Whether its spring clean up, lawn mowing, fertilizing, or weed control, Nice N’ Green can handle the job. Even in the fall and winter seasons, Nice N’ Green cares about helping citizens keep up with the yardwork. The company offers aerating and dethatching, fall clean up, and snow and ice service.

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