From mid April to mid May Nice N Green provides spring clean up services for your lawn. Doing a spring clean up is important to having your lawn and landscaping looking great all summer long as we also do Fall Clean up, Leaf Clean Up, Leaf Removal and much more as per your needs.

 We will come out to your property and clear debris from around your home, garage, gardens, and anywhere else leaves and other debris have piled up and started to decay.

 Upon request we can clean up garden bed and lay a new fresh layer of mulch. Laying new mulch each season is a great way to keep moisture in your soil around your plants, and also gives your homes' curb appeal a boost!

 Spring is also a good time to add pre emergent weed control and a balanced fertilizer to get your lawn on the right track.

 Our Spring Clean Up comes included with our Annual Service Package so that your lawn will be covered all season and your driveway clear!

What's Inclueded in my Spring Clean Up?

Getting the thatch out of your lawn will help your lawn absorb water and sunlight. If your lawn has to much thatch the water will sit on top and evaporate during the day.
Putting a strait edge on your driveway and sidewalks will give your lawn a clean and tidy appearance. Not edging will allow the lawn to grow over onto the pavements.
Getting the mojority of the dead material out of your garden beds will give you a clean start for the season. Although have some decaying material in your garden beds is good, but haveing to much will make a garden look messy.