Why is it Important to Remove the Leaves from Your Lawn?

Why is it Important to Remove the Leaves from Your Lawn?

At some point or another, most homeowners have asked themselves "Why is it necessary to rake leaves off the lawn?" Some leaves, such as those from red maple trees, look pretty lying on the grass. And they are natural - another good thing, right? It might seem that way, but you may have neighbors who are out there raking leaves or using their leaf blower almost daily once fall hits, you probably can't help but wonder - why.  Do your neighbors know something you don't. Well, the truth is that fall leaf removal Is a matter of lawn health, not merely wanting your lawn to look pristine.

Leaves and Cool-Season Grass

The majority of lawns throughout the Northern U.S. are made up of one or more kinds of cool-season grasses. "Cool-season" lawn grasses are called this because they are most active during the cooler time of year. Fall is one of those times. When there is enough sunlight, nutrients, and water, and mild temperatures that are neither too cold nor too hot, cool-season grasses revitalize themselves in fall. During this time, they also strengthen their root systems.

However, if there is a thick layer of leaves on them, the leaves can deprive the grass of one of the key elements that are listed above - sunlight. If not cleaned up a thick layer of fallen leaves cast too much shade over the grass below correctly.

So there you have it, why removing the leaves from your lawn is so important. Now, how particular you have to be will vary on how determined you are to have a healthy and great looking lawn come spring. Want a great looking lawn, but don’t have time to rake your leaves. Click here to learn more about our fall clean up service.

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